Clock Restoration

John Ellicott Clock c1750

John Ellicott Clock c1750

A good antique longcase clock is a wonderful thing. Made many years ago by highly skilled craftsmen who knew that with the right care, their work would last for many generations to come. A clock is at one and the same time an heirloom, a fascinating piece of social history, a friend for life, and when working properly, a very useful and accurate timekeeper. When bought by its original owner, it would have cost the equivalent of a very expensive car today,  and would have been a statement of a household’s status in society.

Clocks were passed down from one generation to the next, and now that many of them have survived into the 21st century, it is up to us to make sure they keep going for another few hundred years by taking the best possible care of them. They will never be made again.

At Row Antiques, we have many years of experience in restoring clock cases, movements and dials. We use traditional materials, methods and tools to preserve the original structure and beauty of the case, and integrity of the movement and dial. We very rarely come across a clock which is beyond repair, and have brought many clocks back from the brink of the bonfire, much to the amazement and delight of their now proud owners.

We are happy to make a no commitment appraisal of a clocks condition, and estimate for the cost of restoration. It might not cost as much as you think.