Vintage Hohner Clavinet L Restoration Project

This interesting instrument arrived in the workshop in a very sad state. The Clavinet L model was first produced in 1968, and this one was bought by a Southampton musician when first introduced, and was used extensively by him on numerous gigs and tours.

The first problem was whether to restore the original case, or build a new one. I decided to re-build the old case, reinforcing the dowel joints, and making good dents and missing wood to the surfaces. I then sanded the surfaces down, and re-veneered the outside of the case with figured walnut veneer (the old veneer was teak, which is virtually unobtainable these days). The veneering was done using hot traditional animal glue.

After trimming the veneer edges, and cutting the speaker slots and music stand slot, the edges were all routed out, and walnut stringing glued in to protect the edges of the veneer.

The original legs were missing, so new ones had to be made.